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Sponsors are Welcome

We are truly honored for your sponsorship to the Margazhi in San Francisco (MISF) 2022 season. With humble beginnings during the pandemic to create a platform for artists from all over the world, MISF set up a virtual platform for music and dance performers, including renowned and distinguished artists, during the month of Margazhi in 2020. Over t he years, the organization has grown giving more opportunities for young artists and well established artists to be part of this festival each year. 

As we are growing each year, we are always seeking support from our art Community locally and worldwide as this festival caters to all artists from acoss the globe. In the spirit of Margazhi, we would appreciate your support through sponsorship at any level which will tremendously help the organization to support these  guests artists who perform at the festival, all our tech and logistic support team, AV support and other organizational work that could use your sponsorship amount.. Below are three levels of sponsorship and the associated benefits with the sponsorship: